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Getzville CCR (Complete Condo Remodel)

Carol has been living in her condo for years, and other than moving her furniture in and adding decorations that are unique to her, she had yet to do any drastic changes to assist in making her condo feel truly like home. Remodeling can be intimidating, right?! The decisions seem big and feel very permanent. And then you also have to factor in resale and what new homeowners will want. All of these factors were swirling around in Carol's mind when we met, so we spent time talking through the whole condo and all of her thoughts, hopes, and dreams. She showed us what she had seen in similar style condos that she liked and some things that represented her personal taste well.

BEFORE the remodel


From there, we spent the time with Carol talking through selections she was making with suppliers. She knew what she wanted, but she just needed some simple guidelines surrounding what to look for and where, and some confidence in her own ability to make decisions. Design is personal, and as much as you try to please all potential buyers, not everyone is going to like what you do with your home, no matter what it is. For Carol, she wasn't going to sell right away, so we encouraged her to get things that she was excited about, she is the one living there now, after all. So that's exactly what she did. It was awesome to see her joy at the end product of her vision for the space!


When all was said and done, we went down to the studs in the kitchen and upstairs bathroom, new carpet throughout, and nearly a full gut of the 1/2 bath (flooring remained). A full remodel of a home is a big deal for anyone. This means displacing your life for a while, living out of boxes a bit, microwave dinners, etc. We factored this in with the timeline of the project, doing it in stages, while trying to keep the overall timeline as tight as we could.


Our end result was something both Carol and us at Contrast were very pleased with. It was exactly what Carol needed. It's pretty awesome when you can help someone uncover the potential they are looking for out of their home :)

AFTER the remodel

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