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Bathroom 180

The Longo family were the first folks in a while that we had worked with that were remodeling for their own use, rather than resale being a strong factor in their decision making. They had even been in the house for a while (not new homeowners), but they had planned and budgeted and were ready to finally turn their bathroom into something they were excited about. Even though they were already a good ways down the road on design, we were able to give them some further confidence on where they were heading with things and get them some better pricing on material. With resale not being on their minds in this remodel, it allowed them to turn remove the tub and turn it into a walk in shower, which allows them to serve their family better and make the space feel a bit more open. We also turned the shower space around 180 degrees, putting the plumbing on the wall by the linen cupboard. This allowed us to turn the wall closer to the window into a half wall with a glass enclosure, bringing in a lot more natural light into the space.

This has now become a bit of an oasis to the family and they're already talking about transforming other parts of their house to uncover it's true potential.

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