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Elma New Build

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

This young family decided to take the big plunge, not only building a new home, but also acting as their own General Contractor! This was certainly a tall order but they had the right attitudes to take it on! We were brought in to do finishes, like the cabinets, trimwork, fireplace mantel, shower, etc. Thankfully, we were able to help them with some of the GC work as well, as they ran into some issues with the plumbers that they were having trouble navigating. At one point in the project, the upstairs bathroom had leaked right through the ceiling and into the kitchen! Looking at the pictures, you'd never know it though :)

We love being able to help people beyond what we are specifically there to do. What really excites us is when a client feels not only that we accomplished the job, but that they were cared for and maybe even learned something for the next home project. We're excited to help them with the next phase of finishing their vision for the home!

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